Instant Text Messaging!!
An exciting new development for
Woodford Glen Speedway
Woodford Glen Speedway is always looking for new and innovative ways to keep our fans & drivers up-to-date and informed with what is going on, particularly when it comes to getting messages out quickly to notify you of any last minute changes to race day - like rain outs, or special race promos.

This season we are taking this one step further and have real pleasure in announcing a new text message delivery system called “Sportcheck”

To register, all you need to do is hit the sportcheck link below or go straight to and follow the simple links, then enter your mobile number in the space provided - and you are done!

We will send you race day alerts, or if the weather is at all doubtful you will receive either a confirmation or cancellation text message from us.

For each text message you receive .50c will be charged to your mobile phone account. Please note that we will only send messages out with “need to know” info.

Register NOW ...