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"2014/2015 Season Start "
Sat 25th October 2014

We're also broadcasting the commentary at the track on race nights. Tune into 88.10FM

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Woodford Glen 40th Anniversary
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The name Woodford Glen was derived by combining parts of the founders surnames (Inwood & Rutherford). Glen was included due to their liking of the famous Watkins Glen track in the states. Errol Inwood and Ron Rutherford first opened the speedway
in 1974. The Woodford Glen Speedway Association, or the (club) purchased the business in the early 80's. Woodford Glen Speedway is situated North of Christchurch at Kaiapoi, New Zealand. The club prides itself on bringing to its public "family" entertainment.
At least 20 times from early October to April, on saturday nights, these drivers and their crews come to life. The club also runs demolition derby's during the season as well as other high profile championship events. Click here for directions to Woodford Glen Speedway.

The seated grandstand is a
‘Smoke Free Area’. Woodford Glen Speedway is a family friendly entertainment venue and would like to remind those who need to smoke in other areas of the arena to please move to the back of the stadium.
Thank you for your co-operation.

Speedway New Zealand
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"Copyright of all images, moving or still, taken within the boundaries of the property of Woodford Glen Speedway Association remain the property of Woodford Glen Speedway Association Incorporated. This assertion of copyright extends to Commentary and Race Results generated over the course of a meeting. Individuals are welcome to use images, moving or still, and Race Results only for non-commercial purposes or with the written permission of Woodford Glen Speedway Association, Inc."


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“2014-2015 Race Dates”
All meetings start at 7pm unless otherwise advertised.
More Information >>>

“AmPro Tools New Zealand Streetstock Championship:
February 13 & 14 2015”

Don’t miss the best Streetstock show this season and do the ‘Mainland Double’
New Zealand Streestock Champs:
Woodford Glen Speedway Christchurch - Feb 13 & 14 2015 Entry Form Here
New Zealand Streetstock Grand Prix:
Beachlands Speedway Dunedin - Feb 20 & 21 2015


“Youth Ministock Competitors”
A meeting for all interested Youth Ministock competitors to discuss the option of racing at Woodford Glen this season will be held at the Woodford Glen Shop on Thursday September 18th at 7.30pm
Please register your interest by contacting Aaron Rowlands – 027 258 8366

“Change of Hours at the Woodford Glen Shop”
Please note the below hours of opening for the Woodford Glen Shop from Tuesday September 30th – Thursday October 16th. Monday - Closed
Tuesday - Closed
Wednesday - 10am – 4pm
Thursday - 1pm – 7pm
Friday - 10am – 4pm
Saturday - 9am - 12 Normal shop hours resume from Friday October 17th.
Thank you for your support.

2014/2015 Season - New Nominated Club Members

Date Grade Name Nominated By
25.6.14 Stockcar Murray Tapp Steve Lennon
12.7.14 Production Ron Koole Andrew Bennett
22.7.14 Streetstock Ray Massey JC Anderson
23.7.14 Streetstock Tristan Sargent Graeme Jackson
23.7.14 Production Stefanie Cornish Jason Phillips
23.7.14 A Grade Gary Cornish Jason Phillips
30.7.14 Superstock Jacob Brownlees Jake Preston
2.8.14 Streetstock Brendon Mackay Steve Lennon
5.8.14 Stockcar Shane Steer Steve Lennon
8.8.14 Ministock Learne Robertson Andrew Naven
9.8.14 Stockcar Joshua King Steve Lennon
9.8.14 Ministock Nick Dempsey Andrew Naven
14.8.14 Production Billie-Leigh Woodhouse William Woodhouse
15.8.14 Streetstock Les Massey Daniel McNally
21.8.14 A Grade Craig Laby Neil Frew
22.8.14 Production Matt Petersen Steve Petersen
22.8.14 Ministock Chris Dempsey  
28.8.14 Ministock Hayden Leverdige/Watkins JC Anderson
28.8.14 Production William Sherlock Awa Johns
28.8.14 Ministock Joshua Neilson Djared Tointon
28.8.14 Production Arron Prattley Greg Prattley
28.8.14 Ministock Lauren Bridgeman Steve Lennon
28.8.14 Ministock Ben Neilson Djared Tointon
28.8.14 Superstock Kurtis Bandy Steve Lennon
28.8.14 Stockcar Ayden McPherson Troy Wilson
1.9.14 Stockcar Zac West Paul West
29.8.14 Stockcar/Street Glen Johnson(Payne) Graeme Jackson
2.9.14 Stockcar Craig Robb Dylan Robb
4.9.14 Stockcar Jay Holtham Steve Lennon
9.9.14 Streetstock Don Garthley Steve Lennon
9.9.14 Streetstock Brandon Schumacher Steve Lennon
10.9.14 Stockcar Scott Anderson Steve Lennon
10.9.14 Stockcar Ricco Gray Steve Lennon
10.9.14 Superstock Mathew Lunam Craig Hughes


“NZ Speedway Awards”
Held at TePapa Wellington 14 Jun 2014
Ampro Tools Woodford Glen Speedway - Proud recipients of the following awards:
Track Website of the Year - presented by: K Brown Designs
For the most informative track website. Winner: www.woodfordglen.co.nz view
National Event Programme of the Year - presented by: Pro Street Engineering
Winner: Woodford Glen for the NZ Modified Championship Programme.
Speedway of the Year: Club Promoted Venue - presented by: Rotorforce
For the venue that makes the best effort to promote Speedway.
Winner: Ampro Tools Woodford Glen Speedway.
Plus our very own competitors won the following awards:
Modified Competitor of the Year - 1nz Luke Keegan
Best Presented Speedway Vehicle -
891 Josh Boulton

“Woodford Glen’s Champions for 2013-2014”
1NZ Modified
Luke Keegan
2NZ Modified
Mike Gourley
3NZ Modified
Hayden McKay
2NZ Streetstock
Steve Peterson
2NZGP SuperStock
Malcolm Ngatai

“Racing at Woodford Glen”
Scrutineering opens at 3.30pm and closes at 6pm
“All drivers must have completed scrutineering by 6pm on race night. If any driver has not advised their class rep or the promoter of intended lateness and has not had their car scrutineered by 6pm, that driver will not be included in the race grids for the night. Therefore they will race off the back of the field for the entire night. Please remember to advise your class Rep if you are not racing on any of your scheduled race nights”
Woodford Glen Speedway Assn.

Notice: The team here at AmPro Tools Woodford Glen Speedway pride themselves on listening to our fans. We want everyone to enjoy their speedway experience and strive to achieve this. Therefore from our next show – Friday and Saturday November 15th and 16th, the seated grandstand will be a ‘Smoke Free Area’. Woodford Glen Speedway is a family friendly entertainment venue and would like to remind those who need to smoke in other areas of the arena to please move to the back of the stadium.
Thank you for your co-operation.

Welcome !!!
AmPro Tools Woodford Glen Speedway welcomes any visiting drivers. If you wish
to race at any of our meetings can you please either advise the Club Promoter or
Grade Representative via our contact page. Thank you and we look forward to
having you race at our track.

It just wouldn't be summer without speedway ... Where will you be?

Woodford Glen Shop

Copyright©: all material remains the property of Woodford Glen Speedway Assn Inc.

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Saturday – 9am – 12pm
Monday - Closed
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