Practice No. 1 September 26th  Scrutineering 12 - 1.30pm Practice from 2pm - 4pm 


Practice No. 2 October 3rd Scrutineering 12 - 1.30pm Practice 2pm - 4pm


Practice No. 3 Wednesday October 7th Scrutineering 4.30pm - 6.30pm Practice 7pm - 9pm 

24th October 2020

Opening Night Moller Young NZ "Trophy Challenge" All Grades Racing. 24th October 2020

31st October 2020

Brown & Syme Painting Contractors'Fireworks Extravaganza' Grades Racing: Super Saloons, SuperStocks, Modifieds, Streetstocks, Stockcars

14th November 2020

Canterbury SuperStock, Saloon & Production Saloon Champs Grades Racing: SuperStocks, Modifieds, Stockcars, Saloons, Production Saloons & Youth Ministocks 

28th November 2020

Mainland Stockcar Teams Champs + Canterbury Super Saloon Champs Grades Racing: Super Saloons, Streetstocks, Stockcar Teams, Saloons & Ministocks

5th DECEMBER  2020

South Island SuperStock Championship + Canterbury Modified Champs & Demo Derby Teams Qualifier   Grades Racing: Super Saloons, SuperStocks, Modifieds, Productions & Youth Ministocks

26th December 2020 - 6pm Start

 Print Wise Ramp Race Demolition Derby & Remembrance Championship Grades Racing: Super Saloons, SuperStocks, Modifieds, Streetstocks, Stockcars, Saloons, Production Saloons & Ministocks

9th January 2021

South Island Modified Championship + Canterbury Ministock Champs & Production Saloon Teams  Grades Racing: Modifieds, Stockcars, Saloons, Ministocks & Productions

30th January 2021

Modified Feature Night   Grades Racing: Super Saloons, Modifieds, Streetstocks, Productions, Ministocks & Youth Ministocks

13th February 2021

Mag & Turbo Super Cup + Canterbury Stockcar Streetstock & Youth Ministock Championship  Grades Racing: Super Saloons, SuperStocks, Streetstocks, Stockcars, Saloons & Youth Ministock Champs

19th February 2021

New Zealand Modified Championship Grades Racing: Modifieds, Productions, Ministocks & Youth Ministocks

20th February 2021

New Zealand Modified Championship Grades Racing: Modifieds, SuperStocks, Streetstocks & Stockcars

6th March 2021

Kiwi Auto Spares Streetstock State of Origin + Canterbury Derby Teams Champs Finals   Grades Racing:  SuperStocks, Streetstock Teams, Saloons & Ministocks

12th March 2021

Suck it Up Ltd Battle of the Stocks + Christchurch Speed Stockcar Stampede & Youth Ministock Challenge Grades Racing: Super Saloons, SuperStocks, Stockcars, Saloons, Productions & Youth Ministocks

13th March 2021

Suck it Up Ltd Battle of the Stocks + Christchurch Speed Stockcar Stampede & Ministock Best Pairs Grades Racing:  SuperStocks, Streetstocks, Stockcars, Saloons & Ministocks

26th March 2021

Modified Invasion  Grades Racing: Modifieds, Streetstocks, Saloons, Productions, Ministocks & Youth Ministocks

27th March 2021 

Modified Invasion + Ramp Race Demolition Derby   Grades Racing: Super Saloons, SuperStocks, Modifieds, Streetstocks & Stockcars

Woodford Glen Speedway